Our Vision


The opportunities for every U.S citizen to reach the American dream need to be available. Khan believes in controlling government spending. The tax dollars should not be spent frivolously when national debt stands at an all time high. The spending needs change. Khan believes in reviving the American dream.

Health Care

Khan believes in a free market health care system. Where competition drives down cost for the patients and encourages medical research. Government handling results in inefficiencies and lowered standards. The system must put the patients first. America needs a system that will bring the flexibility and efficiency we deserve.


The world is becoming a scary place. Khan believes in having a strong military system ready to defend. The men and women sent in to risk their lives deserve to be well equipped. The funding must no longer be wasted on aimless missions, but on those which are required.


Khan stands on keeping jobs in this country, including those in the energy sector. By becoming an energy independent nation, we will create more jobs. Khan believes in a more assertive push for development in the renewable and current energy industry. As America moves towards zero emissions, we will bridge the gap with domestic fossil fuels. Khan will support an energy independent America.


The education of our children is America’s future. Parents should have a choice as to the school their child attends, including homeschooling. Students also need to be well equipped for their post education lives. We must expand on technical schools and community colleges. Achievement based rewards should aid those who deserve it. The control needs to be returned to schools, parents and teachers.


Khan believes in small business. The government should be focused on encouraging small businesses, this will lead to economic growth and thus jobs. Washington needs to provide the resources for the people. Bailouts are only temporary, however free market opportunities will allow for sustainable job creation. He believes in keeping America competitive.

A little story

Born in Sahiwal, Pakistan in 1948.     Came to America in 1976.     For A Better Future.


Draft Designer (Electrical/Mechanical) From Manhattan Technical Institute, New York 1980
Bachelors Degree Government College Sahiwal, Pakistan 1966


Real Estate Development and Management 1982-Present


American Muslim Foundation New Jersey 2006-Present
Running Two Transitional Homes (Volunteerly)


Hon. Deputy Mayor Jersey City, New Jersey 2002-2004
Commissioner Jersey City Development Corporation 2001-2007
Planning Officer for Federal Government of Pakistan Punjab,Pakistan 1968-1976


Co-Vice Chairman for The Republican Party of Hudson County, New Jersey
Candidate for Surrogate of Hudson County of NJ 2009, Received 20,230 votes
Candidate for County Executive of Hudson County of NJ November 2007, Received 7,765 voted


Running for U.S Congress 2016